Review: Sedona Lace Pink Brush with Brush Roll

Hi My name is Sarai and Welcome to my blog, Glossy Glam…lol Ok but seriously–allow me to reintroduce myself, ok just kidding. Seriously this time, I feel like I’ve been gone forEVER and like I’ve seriously lost touch with my blog and my readers. There has been so much going on with me and while I would love to promise I will be blogging on a regular basis from now on I can’t exactly promise that just yet. Why is that you ask? Because yet again I am moving across the lovely country =] sooo as you can imagine I will be a busy busy bee in the next few weeks. But I do promise to blog when I can (girl scout honor…well that doesn’t mean too much because I wasn’t one but yeah you get the point)

So anyway how has everyone been? Enjoying the holidays? Well I’m not, lol…moving during the holidays is not exactly my idea of fun nor is it a recipe for holiday cheer. But enough about me…and on to this review.
I’ve had these brushes for quite awhile now – since the summer to be exact I believe. Yes I’ve waited until now to do this review. For awhile they sat in their nice little brush roll just looking pretty. They were so pretty I didn’t want to use them. Buuut I guess in order to give an accurate review I had to use them at some point huh? Ok well let me just say that up until I purchased these brushes I had really only used MAC brushes with a few Sephora and other randoms thrown in. I like MAC brushes but sometimes the price just isn’t right (at least for my pocket that is lol). So when I heard through the blogosphere about these gorgeous little lovelies I had to get my hands on them. The best part, aside from the pink of course, was the price. 12 professional brushes for $50?! And from the reviews I read and watched they were worth the $50. Sooooo here is my take on them…

Sedona Lace Pink Brush Roll

Sedona Lace Pink Brush Roll

Sedona Lace Pink Brush Roll

Ok like I said there are 12 brushes, included in the set are: (l to r)
-a large powder brush (I absolutely adore this brush)
-duo fibre brush (while I love this brush I must say I do love my Studio Tools brush a little better)
-angled contour brush-I use this for blush sometimes but I still find I reach for my MAC blush brush the most
-foundation brush-I tend to use this to put on my primer and when I use it for foundation it’s to get more coverage
-large shader brush-used to put color over the entire lid
-eye shading brush-this brush is very flat and dense so it makes it easy to really pack on the color, love this brush
-tapered blending brush-I use this to blend my crease or whatever else needs blending on my eye
-medium angled shading brush-can be used to apply highlight shade underneath the brow-I don’t use this brush too often though
-pencil brush-used for precise application of shadow to the crease, lower lash line or lash line
-concealer brush-I use this brush everyday to apply my concealer to my face (and then I use my ring finger to blend it in :0 lol)
-small angled brush-this can be used for gel liner, I tend to use this brush to define my brows with concealer underneath if that makes any sense
-eye liner brush-I really don’t use this brush too often either lol but if I did I would use it for making a shadow into a liner

So my final take:
♥Affordable-12 brushes for $50? awesome in my book…and you get a brush roll which is great for travel!
♥Good quality brushes for the price
♥IT’s PINK!!!

♥ It’s pink and I realize that may not be everyone’s favorite color, lol
♥ at the time I purchased they seemed to be out of stock a lot which was just a minor annoyance =]

Would I repurchase? Yes I would

Have YOU tried these brushes and if you have what is your opinion of them? I would love to hear!

*coming up next: Sedone Lace 120 palette

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  1. Anonymous
    December 8, 2010 / 7:03 PM

    WOW this is on my TO BUY list! I dont have any brushes at the moment so this would efinitely build up my brush selection! Great post! Thank you!!

  2. December 16, 2010 / 5:47 PM

    Thanks for stopping in on my blog:)
    Totally following…I love getting makeup tips…
    I NEED NEW BRUSHES and think I might get these….I have been using the same brushes for YEARS, yes I said YEARS and it is time for new…happy xmas to me:)
    Great post…
    following and will stop back in soon!